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Greetings, Thank you for dropping in to see my life work. My focus is on miniature pottery. I have a technique for replication that is very much like the old time toys found in doll houses of olden days. The concern isn’t so much for scale but detail and form. The full size coffee mugs and saucers are also unique as I have a technique to distort the wall and create a flow of design I like to term "eccentric" or off-center. Recently, I began making clay beads and pendants. The beads are hollow and made from egg crates. They are called "Humble Hollow Humpty Beads" some with wings and some without. Glazed beads are "Nearly Humble…". Clay represents aspects of human nature. Life’s lessons can be fun and rewarding. The use of clay as a medium provides socialization, stress reduction and a sense of achievement. Many times life has brought distractions to my work and my studio has been dusty and rusty from storage. This is another new beginning, another rebirth and the opportunity to show the world. Thanks for visiting Clay Play Your Way.